Guidebook Chapter Authorship

November 19, 2014

A recent version of PR News’ Guidebook series focused on all aspects of content marketing. I authored an article in the guidebook chapter called “Live Events, Webinars and Video” to highlight a creative content strategy used at an event for my technology solutions company.


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PR Guidebook Content Marketing

Website Transformation

June 18, 2013

DecisionOne Corporation had not had a major revision to its company website in more than seven years. I was the lead on this transformation project, including: meeting with key business stakeholders; architecting the site structure; drafting new content, revising outdated content, and incorporating new messaging; adding functionality and other interactive elements; implementing a governance process; and managing both an internal and external launch of the new site.

Within the first month after launch, we realized dramatically increased website traffic, a throughput of communication from existing clients, multiple downloads of marketing materials, and better awareness of our services — from clients, prospects and our employees. The project lasted almost eight months, resulting in a dynamic, content-rich, engaging site that highlights the company’s core competencies and allows for additional build-out and interactivity as it matures.

Old website version

Old website version

Transformed website

Transformed website

Brand Building: Broadcast and OOH

June 16, 2013

Physiotherapy Associates had 80 brands under its corporate umbrella, from Physio clinics to those with locally-known names. My team produced the foundation for all brand elements, including messaging, creative and other communication formats for print, electronic, broadcast and other types of media. Two creative projects I directed that garnered a lot of attention and patient bookings were a car wrap and a radio ad.

Broadcast media:  For Blue Hen Physical Therapy in Delaware, I oversaw the work of an outside vendor to create a car wrap including creative, content and a call to action. The local field sales rep reported increased patient visits from the car wrap initiative, which tied in squarely with business objectives for the year.

Out of Home media:  A handful of Keystone Rehabilitation Systems clinics in Western PA pooled their resources to advertise on local radio. I oversaw the media buy and content (voice talent was provided by the radio entity). The participating clinics realized additional patient visits from this program, which included drive time spots as well as spots during local sporting events.  Take a listen:

Physio brand guidebook cover

Social Media Examples

August 7, 2012

For DecisionOne, I created the initial social media properties for the company, incorporating a new brand and its associated elements, setting the style and tone for content, applying analytics and producing content on a regular basis. From a blank slate, we generated a modest amount of activity across all properties, garnering fans, followers, channel subscribers, and other engaged visitors.

Social Media Properties for DecisionOne

Social Media Properties for DecisionOne

Public/Media Relations: Corporate

May 18, 2011

CareerBuilder approached my firm with an opportunity to participate in a cover wrap article for business executives. I directed the photo shoot for our CEO, set up and managed the live interview, edited the written and electronic content components, and communicated the final product internally to our Associates. The final product is a 4-panel cover wrap that will reach 500 C-level executive clients of CareerBuilder.

Corporate Communications

May 11, 2011

With more than 3,100 employees distributed across 34 states and working in 650 facilities, I developed a corporate monthly newsletter to communicate new marketing initiatives to the field. Named “The Clinic Leader” to target our clinician audience, each monthly newsletter contained marketing “toolbox” items, success stories, ideas for clinicians to meet their monthly business metrics and other marketing-related education. The monthly newsletter was supplemented by “Special Edition” issues when product launches occurred, gaining additional opportunities for our clinicians to market services and programs to physician referral sources and to current, past and potential patients.

Public/Media Relations: Client

January 22, 2011

I was hired by a custom-made furniture company to create publicity around their first trade show. In addition to creating the firm’s first media kit and a media outreach list, I wrote the press release announcing their participation in the NYC-based event, plus produced several pitch story ideas. FLOAT received coverage in several trade publications from the initial releases, including the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Philadelphia magazine. The owners were also contacted by several interested buyers following the show.

PR launch for furniture client

PR launch for furniture client

Lead Generation Programs

December 30, 2010

I worked with SunGard Availability Services (a $1B company) to manage this campaign to IT managers and above. I created the concept of having the prospect audience tell us their daily “horror stories” of IT. I worked with SunGard’s media buying agency and ad agency to produce and execute this campaign and another set of creative with a related message to approximately 20,000 prospects. This resulted in leads for 14 deals projected at $8MM.

Email marketing campaign

Email marketing campaign

Corporate Identity

December 27, 2010

Phoenix Management Services, a business consulting firm, had a variety of corporate identity pieces — but none were cohesive. I worked with outside vendors to overhaul the firm’s overall identity, including the Web site, a leave-behind folder, business cards, branding guidelines, and other outward-facing communication pieces. The sample shown is a tri-fold brochure that showcases the new palette and messaging for one of the firm’s divisions, for which I wrote all the copy and oversaw the outside design and production. Following our work together on these projects, my design vendor won a Marketer of the Year award from the Philadelphia chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Corporate tri-fold brochure

Corporate tri-fold brochure

PAMA 2007 Marketer of the Year award_Page_2

Pipeline Oversight

December 26, 2010

At Phoenix Management Services, I oversaw all aspects of the $8mm firm’s pipeline, including tracking the status of prospective clients, active clients, and latent clients. I produced a weekly update of the firm’s opportunities, created pitch decks for new business opportunities for both the consulting and investment banking business entities, wrote case studies on completed engagements, and maintained a win/loss spreadsheet for all new business activity.  I also recommended changes and additional marketing/PR activities for the firm based on how our new business was tracking. Overall, I had a 75% win ratio for proposals that were made in person. A sample of our branded presentation is shown below, which integrated with all other marketing materials for the firm.



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