Work samples: Corporate Identity

December 27, 2010

Phoenix Management Services, a business consulting firm, had a variety of corporate identity pieces — but none were cohesive. I worked with outside vendors to overhaul the firm’s overall identity, including the Web site, a leave-behind folder, business cards, branding guidelines, and other outward-facing communication pieces. The sample shown is a tri-fold brochure that showcases the new palette and messaging for one of the firm’s divisions, for which I wrote all the copy and oversaw the outside design and production. Following our work together on these projects, my design vendor won a Marketer of the Year award from the Philadelphia chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Corporate tri-fold brochure

Corporate tri-fold brochure

PAMA 2007 Marketer of the Year award_Page_2


Work samples: Pipeline Oversight

December 26, 2010

At Phoenix Management Services, I oversaw all aspects of the $8mm firm’s pipeline, including tracking the status of prospective clients, active clients, and latent clients. I produced a weekly update of the firm’s opportunities, created pitch decks for new business opportunities for both the consulting and investment banking business entities, wrote case studies on completed engagements, and maintained a win/loss spreadsheet for all new business activity.  I also recommended changes and additional marketing/PR activities for the firm based on how our new business was tracking. Overall, I had a 75% win ratio for proposals that were made in person. A sample of our branded presentation is shown below, which integrated with all other marketing materials for the firm.


Work samples: Rebranding Efforts

November 30, 2010

My consulting client wanted to familiarize its clients and prospects with a new name following a split from its parent company. I met with the company’s executive management, marketing, and sales staff to understand the focus for the piece, and to learn how to differentiate its services in a crowded IT services field. I conducted market research on the company’s competition, then wrote all the body copy for a new corporate brochure (a spread from the piece is shown below). Reaction to the new brand among the firm’s existing clients was extremely positive.

Brochure for Sengen

Brochure for Sengen

Work samples: Internal Communications

November 27, 2010

I was hired by the vendor handling the new online merchandise mart for Comcast Cable to launch and promote the site to 36,000 employees. I consulted with the vendor’s team members on branded items to be highlighted, helped create monthly specials, and produced content for additional opportunities to purchase marketing specialty incentives throughout the year. I wrote all the newsletter content, and worked with an outside digital firm to design, produce, and distribute the first few e-newsletters.

Comcast Cable employee e-newsletter

Comcast Cable employee e-newsletter

Work samples: Published Articles

October 28, 2010
IdeaStream newsletter

IdeaStream newsletter

February 2, 2009