Work samples: Website Transformation

DecisionOne Corporation had not had a major revision to its company website in more than seven years. I was the lead on this transformation project, including: meeting with key business stakeholders; architecting the site structure; drafting new content, revising outdated content, and incorporating new messaging; adding functionality and other interactive elements; implementing a governance process; and managing both an internal and external launch of the new site.

Within the first month after launch, we realized dramatically increased website traffic, a throughput of communication from existing clients, multiple downloads of marketing materials, and better awareness of our services — from clients, prospects and our employees. The project lasted almost eight months, resulting in a dynamic, content-rich, engaging site that highlights the company’s core competencies and allows for additional build-out and interactivity as it matures.

Old website version

Old website version

Transformed website

Transformed website


One Response to “Work samples: Website Transformation”

  1. Susan Hoeflich Says:

    That’s two great website upgrades in a row. Great job Erin! Your talent knows no bounds

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